Dolls by Duchess and Hare

Still scrambling for a last minute handmade gift for a sweet little munchkin?  Look no further! If you have an hour or two, I have a great pattern for you. It’s the Duchess & Hare Dolls pattern.

I made the Hare with its adorable cape and it’s so cute; I can’t wait to give it to my great niece!  Don’t you love the sparkly “skin” fabric?  She certainly will!

I rated this pattern beginner/intermediate only because some people are skittish about stuffies.  There’s nothing to be weary about-this pattern walks you through every step of the way.  Giving you options for painting the face or doing a little hand embroidery is just the beginning.  There is a glossary and a tip section to help you with any terms or techniques you may not be familiar with. This pattern shows you how to make a hinged arm so your little sunshine can move the arms up and down with no problem! (I love seeing a doll wave. ;) )

I don’t think I’ll make it to see my extended family before Christmas, so I’m ready to make the Duchess to play along with the Hare...and maybe another of each if time permits!  

Who will you be making your doll for?