Maverick Shorts by Charming Ollie

I rarely do much with woven fabrics lately but knowing I had some awesome fabric to use for a boy, when I had the chance to sew up the Mavericks from Charming-Ollie I decided to go for it.  I love the little folded down pocket detail, and thought they’d make a great addition to our summer wardrobe.

The pictures throughout the instructions were very helpful, and I think a beginner would be able to follow along pretty well.  I found the instructions overall easy to follow, although there are a few areas that there could use a bit of clarification.

While there isn’t a size chart or measurements included, I made our normal store bought size and that seemed to work well using the suggested lengths for elastic.


I would like to have seen a better guide for the pocket placement also.  The pattern suggests  2” up from the bottom edge but since I was only doing a 12m size, 2” from the bottom put the top of the pocket almost at the waist edge so I had to adjust a bit.

Overall, I love the end result, they are such a cute style.  The Pirate Parrot Poplin by Verhees I got from Mabel Madison was just perfect for my little on the go explorer.


And a bigger version by Ari of Max California