Enchanters: Cinderella Styles

WELCOME BACK! I'm going to do you the favor of a very, very brief intro here, because I KNOW what awesomeness awaits you below. All I'll say is that both of these families won the genetic jackpot - their kids couldn't be more adorable, and momma's sewing talents couldn't be more impressive!! Read each contestant's bio, then go check it out:

This prompt is inspired by the March release of the new live action film, Cinderella. According to Wikipedia, "The word "Cinderella" has, by analogy, come to mean ... one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect." With this in mind, select a fabric type or garment that has long gone out of style, and incorporate it into a look so OTT that it will bring it back from obscurity!

Remember: The Enchanter's objective is to assemble an Over-The-Top (OTT) look that defies the societal norms of fashion, as inspired by couture, avant garde, or the stuff of dreams.

Here's SarahLynn of the Shaffer Sisters:

I am so excited to be here on Pattern Revolution showing you a creation I really believe in. From the beginning, I knew that I would be making a suit for my son. I find myself as a mother stocking the closet full of pretty princess dresses for my daughter but come up empty on prince charming looks for my son. His kind nature and (usually) good manners really make him the perfect prince charming but my boys formal wear gave him the short end of the stick.

For years I have dreamed about making a Royal Ascot look and this challenge was the perfect opportunity to create it. There were many times during the long frustrating process of drafting shawl collar coat and tailoring it to fit him that I really questioned my sanity and wished I would have stayed in my comfort zone of all things girly and just sewn a dress. All my frustration and exhaustion was all forgotten the moment he put on the full ensemble he started strutting around like a peacock that made me know that he loved it.  

As I began to think about this challenge, I quickly realized how little I knew about men's sewing and fashion. I was really at a lost to where to start and get inspiration from until my sister, Al & and I went to Provo Fashion Week. It was really the designs of Garth Peay from Perfectly Suited that gave me the jumping off point for my look. Direct inspiration from his looks can be found in the brightly colored lining of my jacket and the back vent design. As we drove home that night I knew that I would be lining the jacket with a polka dot fabric (one of his favorite prints but one that is really hard to make masculine). It took me weeks of searching to finally find the perfect polka dot for my little prince charming, but once I did I got really excited about the whole look.  

The jacket fabric was upcycled from a tuxedo my mom found at the thrift store almost 20 years ago, my brother wore to his proms. It was also used by half a dozen or so for other young men to wear to formal dances. The pinstriped suiting used on the pants and shawl cowl was found at my local fabric store. The jacket lining and back pocket lining of the pants were sewn with this fabric also picked up from my local fabric store. Tie fabric is taffeta from Joann special occasion fabrics. Collared shirt fabric is a white Kona Cotton. Top hat was made out of a heathered herringbone wool remnant gifted to me by my grandmother. 

And now, Cassie "Lily Shine", representing Pattern Revolution:

Hi, friends!!! I am so happy to be able to finally share with you my Cinderella challenge entry! The challenge prompt guided me to bring back the fabulousness of 1950's couture style. With my daughter begging me daily to make her a Cinderella bride dress, I had to find a way to meet the challenge requirements and fashion her the most amazing and unique look. After lots of research and countless hours on Pinterest, I found my main focus: fabric manipulation, layering, floral headpieces and lots and lots of tulle. I'll link you to my inspiration as I discuss each detail. 

When I came across this photo, I had my lightbulb moment and set my design: pantaloon romper with a detachable princess skirt. Couture fashion, with layerable functionality. 

For the pantaloon romper, I used Violette Field Threads'  Haven Romper pattern and added some hand painted gold glitter butterflies along the hem for a nod to the new Cinderella film. The tulle princess skirt was made with the Calla Lily Skirt pattern by EYMM for the petal hi low overlay and the waistband from the new Lottie Skirt by Brownie Goose along with layers upon layers of tulle and a skirt lining to keep the pantaloons hidden.

To add some texture and experiment with some unique fabric manipulation, I created wave tucks in the waistband of the romper to tie together the bodice and pantaloon fabrics. Lastly, every princess needs a good hair accessory. I was inspired by this beautiful collection of 1950's floral hats featured on this blog, and created a cream floral crown with blue butterflies reminiscent of the new Cinderella film.  

I loved playing with a new fabric manipulation technique, mashing together various patterns from a few of my favorite designers and creating a unique take on the new Cinderella wedding dress for my sweet little girl! Editing down all my ideas was the biggest challenge. I am simply obsessed with the great couture style of the 1950's and could spend hours admiring all the amazing styles of the time. It was a great experience and I enjoyed pushing myself to new limits. Hop over to my blog to see more photos and read more about the details in this look! 

EEEEEEEE! I know, right!? How incredible are these entries!! Now pick your jaw up off the floor and get your rating refresher:

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If these ladies don't inspire you to Sew Along with Top Stitchers, I don't know what will!! So read up about our linky party (AND THE PRIZE!), and enter your own look!